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Nothing can feel more traumatic and defeating than tooth loss. When this happens the best thing you can do for the health of your smile is to see a prosthodontist. Not sure what a prosthodontist is? Our dental experts specialize in replacing and restoring missing teeth and jaw structures to improve both the look and function of your smile. We know everything there is to know about dental implants, dental bridges, implants, crowns and even treating temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD).

So, what makes a prosthodontist different from a cosmetic dentist? The answer lies in their education. Unlike other dental professionals, prosthodontists go through an additional three years of treating from the American Dental Association to provide these restorative solutions. From replacing a tooth after an injury to restoring a smile that is affected by a congenital deformity, your prosthodontist offers unique dental skills to reconstruct any smile.

Those with genetic defects, missing teeth or severe damage to their teeth can easily benefit from seeing a prosthodontist. Besides our advanced knowledge and expertise in dental restorations, we also offer revolutionary procedures and techniques to handle just about any dental condition and completely alter your smile.

A prosthodontist will be able to look at your smile and determine which dental restoration will be right for you. Interested in getting dentures? Want to know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants? Then turn to our prosthodontic team to give your smile the transformation it needs.

Besides being the recognized experts in replacing missing teeth, prosthodontists can also handle maxillofacial reconstruction, TMJ disorders, oral injuries, sleep disorders and snoring, and congenital mouth conditions. Our years of advanced training give us a unique and valuable understanding of what specific dental restorations can preserve a smile for the long-term.

Whether you are looking to find out if implants could replace your missing teeth or you want to give your smile a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Dean Sana offers the quality, professional dental care you deserve.

Find out how our Loop Chicago prosthodontist, Dr. Dean Sana, can improve your oral health by calling Millennium Park Dental (312) 236-3253 today!

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